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Empowering a new helping economy by connecting people to help each other.

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about the app
In a pinch? Use the app to get help with anything-anywhere and anytime.

1. Enter whatever you need help with.

2. Set cash reward for whoever helps you out.

3. Send and receive cash with friends.
Have spare time? Help others and earn extra cash.
Check for opportunities to help and earn cash.

1. View list of requests for help.

2. Share and see how others are helping.

3. Invite your friends to your helping network.

What's Pinch?
Pinch is a social platform that empowers a helping economy by connecting people to help each other. Do you ever wish you had just a few extra people on your side? Do you ever yearn for the possibility of getting paid just for being the good person you are? Then fear no more: Pinch is everything you've ever dreamt of and more.
Where can I download the app?
Anywhere, really, as long as you have an iPhone or Android.
What kinds of help can I request?
Anything (legal) your heart desires.
Are there hours of operations?
There are no time constraints on helping others! If someone is awake, available, and willing, your wish may be granted.
Is there a geographic limitation?
Not in a metaphysical, Schrödinger's cat kinda way, but more like a "we're growing" way! Right now, we're focused on the U.S. But the world is our chocolate oyster! We want Pinch to be everywhere real soon, so that with the touch of a screen, even someone in Paris can send you fresh macaroons. Pretty cool, huh? #Oui #TrésCool
What if my request costs money?
No problem! The person helping you will cover it, and your account will be charged! (If you're the helper, whatever you pay will be reimbursed cash straight into your Pinch wallet.)
Do I get charged anything for using Pinch to get help?
Not a thing. You save that money - buy yourself something nice.
If I help someone, does Pinch take anything from the cash I earn?
What if I'm short on cash?
Help out more! Help someone else to help yourself. (Or you can just ask someone to send you some through Pinch.)
Can I cash out to my bank account?
Yep. You can cash out up to $50 at a time. Each cash out is subject to a $2 cash-out fee.
Why the fee?
How else would we be able to cover the cost of the the juggling bears in our office? Just kidding. We actually don't juggle our bears. Hey, we don't like charges just as much as you. We get it. Most of the fee goes to paying the big banks who charge us for processing your cash-outs. The leftover helps Pinch become the awesome-est it can possibly be.
What if I don't want any cash out fee?
Sigh. There's always that one person. But things are forever! Things and stuff. Stuff and things. Seriously. Get off this page and go use Pinch!
So I get it. I can use Pinch to ask people for help with anything, anytime, anywhere, and I offer them cash reward. I can also use Pinch to help others in my spare time and earn cash, right?
YES. BY GEORGE, I THINK YOU 'VE GOT IT. Now get out there and create the best #PinchMoment you can!
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Contact your runner or reach us at support@pinchapp.com.
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Send all press inquiries to press@pinchapp.com.
Send a greeting and your resume to jobs@pinchapp.com.

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