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We all have moments in life when we're caught "in-a-pinch." Out of toothpaste. Craving Chipotle. Need Starbucks. Forgot gift. Need Tylenol. Cleaners closing. Need a ride.
Imagine an app that solves your everyday Pinch moments by connecting you to friends and others nearby to get whatever - whenever and wherever. Just type what you need and send your Pinch.
Now imagine making money in your spare time, helping friends and others in Pinch moments. No job application. No scheduled hours. Total freedom, complete flexibility, true independence.

about the app
In a pinch? Use the app to get what you need.
1. Enter whatever you want and set the amount you want to tip.

2. Use Pinch credits to tip the Runner who helped you out. No cash involved.

3. Send and receive Pinch credits to your friends through the app.

Want to make money in your spare time?
Simply turn on Runner Mode to receive requests from others nearby.
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1. View and accept requests as a Runner from others nearby.

2. Make money for each request you accept and complete.

3. Share your activity with friends and see the latest Pinch activity.

Where can I download the app?
Pinch is available in the App store for iPhone users. Android version coming soon!
What can I request?
Anything. No really - anything! Whether it's last-minute flowers to cover up the fact that you forgot your anniversary (hey - no judgments here!) or Red Bull to pull you through an all nighter - whatever you want.
Will the app work in my area?
Yes! Download from anywhere in the U.S. and see who's around you.
How will I pay?
All payments are made through the app using Stripe to conduct online transactions and securely manage payment methods.

contact us
Need help?
Contact your runner or reach us at support@pinchapp.com
All emails will be responded to within 24 hours.
Send all press inquiries to press@pinchapp.com
Send a greeting and your resume to jobs@pinchapp.com

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