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Empowering a new helping economy by connecting people to help each other. Download today!
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"Pinch wins HOT IN 2015 AWARD (out of over 6,000 companies in Boston on Owler)!"

"Pinch named 'Best New Innovation' by Boston’s college students."

"[Pinch] enables anyone to do an errand as they go about their day."

"Too lazy to do anything for yourself? Download Pinch."

"An app for getting whatever you want."

"Listed as one of the world's most promising startups."

about the app
In a pinch? Use the app to get help with anything-anywhere and anytime.
1. Enter whatever you want and set the amount you want to reward.

2. Use Pinch Points to reward whoever helps you out.

3. Send and receive Pinch Points to your friends.

Have spare time? Help others and earn Pinch Points that you can redeem cool stuff and cash.
Check the list of requests for opportunities to help and be rewarded.
1. View list of requests for help from others.

2. Earn points and redeem cool stuff and cash.

3. Share your activity and see how others are helping.

What's Pinch?
A social platform that empowers a new helping economy by connecting people to help each other.
Where can I download the app?
Pinch is available for iPhone and Android users.
What kinds of help can I request?
Whatever. So long as your request is legal and someone is willing to help you out. Otherwise, be imaginative.
Are there hours of operations?
This isn't a service. There are no hours of operation. Pinch connects you to others willing to help anytime, anywhere, so send a request whenever and see who might help.
Is there a geographic limitation?
Yes and no. Right now we're focused on a few Boston college campuses. It is all about the crowd. Eventually we want Pinch to be everywhere, so spread the word. Imagine panning the map and asking someone in Paris to send you fresh macaroons. Cool huh?
What are Pinch Points?
It's what you reward someone when they help you with something, and it's what you earn when you help others. Anyone can redeem Pinch Points for cool stuff, or cash.
What if I ask someone to bring me something that cost money?
The person helping you pays for it up front, and your account is charged the cost of the item. If you front the cost for someone you're helping, you get reimburshed cash into your Pinch wallet.
Do I get charged anything for using Pinch to get help?
If I help someone, does Pinch take anything from the Pinch Points I earn?
If I front the cost of anything for someone to help, do I get reimbursed in full and in cash?
What do I do with Pinch Points that I earn by helping others?
You can redeem Pinch Points for cool stuff or cash.
What if I don't want any stuff that you have listed?
Check back every week and the list of cool stuff changes up.
What if I'm short of Pinch Points?
Help out more to earn more Pinch Points or ask a friend to send you some just like Venmo.
Can I just redeem the Pinch Points for cash?
Yes, but there will be a 10% cash-out fee.
Remember how Pinch doesn't charge anything for you to ask for help and doesn't take anything from Pinch Points you earn? Think of it as helping us to continue to make Pinch an awesome app.
What if I don't want 10% taken out of my Pinch Points?
Then use it to redeem cool stuff.
What if I just want to redeem for cash?
How will I pay?
All payments are made through the app using Stripe to conduct online transactions and securely manage payment methods.
So I get it. I can use Pinch to ask people for help with anything, anytime, anywhere, and I offer them Pinch Points that they can redeem for cool stuff or cash. I can also use Pinch to help others in my spare time and earn Pinch Points. Right?
Yes, awesome. Welcome to the new helping economy.
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