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  • General
    What is *Pinch*?
    Pinch is a cross platform messaging app with various exciting features like Pinch2SMS, Group Chat and Location based features. Pinch utilizes your existing data plan or Wi-Fi to provide instant messaging and other features. With its unique Pinch2SMS feature, users can now message all their friends including non Pinch users for free.
    What devices are currently supported?
    Pinch supports all platforms: Apple, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Java (J2ME) and Windows. None of those work for you? Well, there's also a mobile web version which works on any kind of device with a mobile browser!
    I have downloaded the PINCH app, but I am unable to Sign-up/Login, Why?
    Please check your GPRS settings and insure that your mobile internet is turned ON or Wi-Fi is available and enabled on your device. Also, please ensure that 3rd party application is given the internet access (all permission enabled)
    Why am I not receiving Push Notifications?
    You may not receive Push Notifications because notifications may be disabled in your phone settings. Please go through your device manual and enable the notifications. If it still doesn't work and you are connected via Wi-Fi, make sure that you are not blocked via Wi-Fi firewall. The last and the final step is to disable any kind of DNS Proxy on your Wi-Fi router.
    Will I incur any data charges for performing any Pinch action?
    Yes, your standard data charge rates apply. We do not charge you anything for using Pinch. Note - In case you have enabled Pinch2SMS, please contact your operator for the local charges.
    How can I contact the *Pinch* team?
    We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can directly Email us at or Go to *Pinch*->Preferences-> About and choose Feedback option. You can also visit us at, join our Facebook page ( or follow us on Twitter.
    How can I suggest a feature?
    You can reach out to us at or Go to *Pinch*->Preferences-> About and choose Feedback option. Or feel free to drop us a message on facebook.
  • Activity Update
    What is Update Activity?
    Activity Update is a cool way to let your friends know what you're up to! Activity updates will get reflected to all contacts.
    How many characters can I squeeze into my Activity?
    Pinch limits the Activity Update length to 139 characters.
  • Sign Up
    How do I Sign up?
    You can Sign Up just by providing your valid mobile number and email. Mobile Number is required to help us find your friends. Email is required to verify your account and also used to help find friends. We value your privacy and adhere to the strictest privacy policies! No personal contact information is shared from your Contact Books. Pinch needs the contact details to find and enable your friends to find you and message each other.
    Is my contact information secure?
    Here at Pinch we take security very seriously. We will always ensure no private information about yourself is shared with anyone (emails, phone numbers, addresses, and anything within your contacts). All private information is encrypted between the client and the server.
  • Managing Contacts
    How do I find more *Pinch* friends?
    Pinch uses the contacts in your address book to match friends who are either already on the Pinch network or are Airtel subscribers. Yes, you can also pinch your friends on the Airtel network even if they are not using Pinch.
    Why my friends aren't automatically matched?
    Pinch applications is quite smart, but in case you don't find friends automatically added, make sure your friend's phone number is saved in your Address Book.
    How does Merge Contacts work?
    *Pinch* offers advanced Merge / Group features to help you manage and organize your contacts, all part of the application that you've grown to love! Say you have details of the same person with mobile number in one contact, Email in another and other details all saved as separate entries. You know it's the same person but are you going to copy and paste one by one? With *Pinch* you can merge three contact to one by selecting and clicking on the "Merge" button. Cool, you've now got a single new contact without any more duplicates.
    When I go-to Find friends option & search for a user “No Result is shown”. Why?
    Results from only registered Pinch users will be displayed in Find Friend option. You can search for Name tag/Registered mobile number/Registered Email.
  • Messaging
    Can I message friends who are not using Pinch?
    Yes! You can message all your non Pinch friends through our Pinch2SMS feature. Please note that this feature is currently available with select operators only. However, soon we will be rolling this out to all our users.
    How does Pinch make my messaging “more fun”?
    Pinch allows users to share pictures, current location and chat via 500+ cool emoticons.
    What are the status marks next to my messages?
    There are different message status images next to each message that is sent to help you identify when the message is sending, sent to the server or failed.
  • Group Messaging
    How do I start Group Messaging on Pinch?
    To initiate group chat go to Menu -> Messages ->Compose. Now add as many friends as you like and start a group chat!
    How many friends can I add to the Group Chat?
  • Location Sharing
    How can I share my location with friends?
    Pinch allows you to share your updated location with friends! Go to Menu ->Friends. Now select your friends name and click on camera icon below Pinch message and attach location.
    How can I view my friend's location?
    To view your friend's location, go to his profile and select “Show Location”
    How can I block this feature?
    To hide your location, go to your profile -> Update Location and check “Use Blank Address”
    I cannot view my friend's location. Why?
    This might be because your friend has chosen to hide his location from his friends.