Brag about your credit score

Pinch makes it easy to build your credit history just by paying your rent.

Get rewarded for paying your rent on time

Every month Pinch mails your rent check for you

More free time for the things that really matter in your life

How it Works 0

How it works

How it Works 1

Connect your bank account and fill in the information for your landlord for payments to be made.

How it Works 3

We mail a check to your landlord by your rent due date.

How it Works 4

Every month, we get your sagging credit score into shape by reporting your rent payments to the right credit bureaus.

Join Thousands of Happy Customers

My credit score jumped 74 points my first month using Pinch (it had increased 10 points the previous 1.5 years). I'm amazed and am telling everyone I know. So cool you built this!!
- Brandon

This app helped my credit score jump over 100 points since I started using it in September. It's fantastic. I never have to worry that my rent will be paid. I just transfer the money into my separate checking account and forget about it. Rent is paid on time every time.
- Kathy

My credit score is up 80+ points since starting Pinch. Thank you!!
- Rachel

For no extra money, Pinch helps you beef up your credit score without going into debt.

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It’s time to come clean about your rent payments

Not too long ago, paying rent didn’t have much to do with your credit score. Of course, not paying rent could always (and still can) damage your credit score. But what happens when you pay your rent on time? Legally speaking, absolutely nothing. Nada. The good news? Credit bureaus and credit scoring companies are realizing that those who can pay rent on time month after month are likely to also handle credit responsibly, and things are changing in America. Studies have shown that after reporting rent, 100% of tenants who were previously unscorable had a credit score. And almost 3/4 of those studied experienced a credit score increase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to let my landlord know I'm using Pinch?
Nope, but you can if you want. They'll be receiving a check in the mail from us with a little explanation. The check has your name in the memo field. (We can also add custom text in the memo field like apartment number). Your landlord can cash the check at any bank or credit union they choose.

How will Pinch display on my credit score?
Pinch gets reported kind of like an installment loan but specifically for your rent. Pinch can sometimes be displayed as our DBA “Ferment Labs, Inc.”

What will my credit report look like?
It’s different for everyone, but most people see an increase about 90 days after making your first rent payment with Pinch.

Which credit bureaus do you report to?
We report rent payments to Equifax, Experian, RentBureau, and TransUnion.

When does the money come out of my account?
We mail your check about a week before its due date to ensure that it arrives on time. The money will not leave your account until your landlord cashes your check.

Am I able to choose which day my check is sent?
Yes! You can choose your rent’s due date through your account on the app. We send out your check about a week before its due date to ensure that it arrives on time.

Can I add my spouse to my account?
Yes, of course! We’ll just need their full name, social security number and birthday for credit reporting purposes.